The current world film industry shows the coexistence of the conflicts in both globalization and localization. Although Hollywood still maintains the leading position of the world film industry, but the emerging film industries in the Asian countries are also rising rapidly, and causing the reformation in the international film market. At the same time, under the impact of new media that powered by the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, the film industry has not only entered the new era of comprehensive digitalization, but also the production, distribution, screening, marketing and copyright transactions of films. Hence, a new business model has been conceived, especially the way in creating publicity and promotion of the movies!


The Asia Pacific Movie Association, also known as APACMOVIE, was jointly established by Raymone Bain, the manager of the late Pop Superstar Michael Jackson, together with a group of celebrities in the film industry on the 15th November 2015. The headquarter of APACMOVIE is located and operated as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Singapore. At present, APACMOVIE is aggressively looking for suitable overseas offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region to facilitate its future activities that related to film production and publicity. In addition, APACMOVIE has also vigorously recruited the most prestigious film production companies in the Asia-Pacific region to become its members, including New Media Group, Toho Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Film Co., Ltd., Lotte Entertainment, Showbo Movies, Dadi Cinema, and Huan Asia Film, Emperor Entertainment, China Star Group, Prospect Entertainment, Red Bean Production, Yahoo Movies, Base Entertainment, Rapi Pictures, Village Show Entertainment, and many other.

About the First Box Office

First Box Office (FBO) is a movie box office promotion program which is currently being nurtured by the Asia Pacific Movie Association. The program adopts the push notification model, to completely integrates trailers and movie resources that related to members’ interests, and subsequently presents all the information about movies that are about to be released or are still under production, to every member. After receiving the movie information and details, members can voluntarily choose to post and promote the related movies through social media platforms to maximize the publicity of movies. To put it simply, members who are volunteering to help promote the movies that shown in the FBO app is able to get rewards from the film production companies, thus creating a perfect “win-win-win” ecosystem where film production companies, actors and audiences can all benefit at the same time.



Our Vision

Transforming the movie into the carrier of national culture, so that everyone in the world could learn and understand each other harmoniously and grow peacefully.

Our Missions

  • Allowing every movie fans to gain benefits through the APACMOVIE reward platform.
  • Ensuring every great movie around the world to get the best publicity and box office through APACMOVIE superior strategy.

Our Objectives

  • Fully support the development and promotion of the film industry.
  • Strive to discover more potential future Superstars.
  • Strong commitment to maintain and protect the rights and interests of the audience.
  • Create a reward platform for movie fans.